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Crystal Lake Triathlon




CLCA Triathlon Legal Waiver

If you have any questions, contact:

CLCA Triathlon 2016





1) Fill out ALL information on the Crystal Lake Triathlon registration form (below)
2) Read and accept the CLCA Triathlon Legal Waiver
3) Click "Submit Registration"
4) Follow the PayPal/credit card payment instructions to complete your payment.

You will complete your secure payment (Pay Pal OR any Credit Card) verification details on the secure payment screen.

Note: you do NOT need to have a PayPal membership to use this on-line credit card payment process

You MUST also fill out this Registration Form FIRST, and you MUST complete your payment on Paypal (a secure payment site) to be fully registered.

Registration Form:

[* Required]   

First Name:   *   Last Name:               *

Cottage Address:     

Home Address:         *

Cottage Phone:            Home Phone:   

Mobile Phone:              Email Address:             *

Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD):             Age (on Race day):   * 

Gender:               *

CLCA Triathlon Waiver
I have read and accept the CLCA Triathlon Waiver: *

I Accept the CLCA Waiver document
I have not accepted the CLCA Waiver document

Choose Your Event:   *

If Registering for the "If Registering for the "Team Relay" event, Team Leader please enter all the NAMES of your Team, in the box below.

(List all Relay Team members name above)


[click button above to Register]

After sending this application...
Please be sure to ALSO submit Payment using Paypal (credit card or Paypal)