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CLCA Member Discounts

at Local Businesses!




CLCA Member Benefits!

We've spoken with many local businesses who have agreed to offer discounts to members of the CLCA that show their membership card, a copy of which is provided to you when your membership is taken out or renewed. A list of the current businesses that offer the discount will be kept up to date on the web, the forum and face book. Again the CLCA encourages you to support our local businesses in and around the Kinmount area.

For paid members it has been sent out so keep your eye open for email copies

CLCA Membership Discount Program: as a current member of CLCA there are numerous discounts available to you:

- Austin's Lumber in Kinmount are offering 10% off their special for each month. They will post on the web forum what the Special of the Month is!! The Austin's: 4961 County Rd 45 705-488-2961

- Shop N Save in Kinmount are offering 10% off of everything in their store. they are a convenience discount store and have a wide range of items! (exclusions: tobacco, lottery tickets, magazines and newspapers). 4088 Main St Hwy 121, 705-488-3173

- TimBR Mart Lumber in Kinmount are offering 10% off everything! (except pressure treated lumber) 4116 Hwy 121 705-488-2000

- Walsten's Marine are offering 10% off in-store items (excluding boats and motors) 3613 Hwy 121 705-488-2811

- Crow's Nest - Larry Golloher on Crystal Lake Road offering 10% off boat storage, includes pick-up and delivery 705-488-1256

To become a member of Crystal Lake Cottagers' Association:
- go to the CLCA website and use a secure method of payment using Paypal/credit card,
- or mail a cheque to Treasurer Don Langlois
- or drop into 368 East Clear Bay Road (north shore) to see Christine
- or Larry at the Crow's Nest has membership forms
- memberships will also be available at CLCA events.

If you aren't sure if you are a member: contact Sarah at crystallake.newsletter@gmail.com

[updated: 24-Sep-2016]


if you have any questions, contact us...
Crystal Lake ASSOCIATION Contacts
[updated 04/11/2017]

President & Chair
John Hubbard

Christine Brickman

Carol Ing 



Sharon Brickman

Sarah Petrik
95 Samantha Circle
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 2S1

Board Member
Monique Lloyd

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